You can paint Linoleum flooring!

What? That’s exactly what I said when I saw this online for the first time. I debated trying this for some time before I finally gave in. The final decision came after looking at the ugly linoleum in two of our bathrooms in the new house for another few months and deciding I could not stand it any longer. I didn’t want to replace it right now, due to hoping sometime in the next year or two we will have new flooring put in the whole house. So I needed a quick fix.
After a little research I figured out a plan of action. Let me tell you, everyone on the internet has a different opinion on how to do this. You need to decide what will work best for you.
This is what I started with…….

As you can see, it did not have much shine left on it. So I skipped this step about sanding off any sheen and just cleaned it very well.
Next I applied two coats of Kilz general purpose primer.

This is after one coat

This is after one coat

Following that I painted the entire floor with white porch and patio paint. I let this dry for a full 24 hours before moving to the next step, as this involved taping lines.

The next day I used basic painters tape and followed the already existing grooves in the linoleum as my guide to make stripes. Something to remember is that what ever pattern is pressed into the linoleum will show through a little depending on how deep the impression is.



Once I had the lines taped off, I painted my stripes. This is also porch and patio paint and it took two coats. I let this dry for about 5-6 hours before removing the tape. Pull the tape off slowly just to be sure that it doesn’t peel the paint.

This is after just one coat

This is after just one coat

Now, you can stop here if you want. I decided to apply a poly coating just so I didn’t have to worry about water on the floor. As you know, sometimes that pesky shower curtain doesn’t quite do it’s job of keeping water in the shower.
I went with a coating of Polycrylic. This stuff is awesome! It doesn’t yellow like most polyurethane.
I applied it with a paint brush in a thin layer and let it cure for 24 hours. The instructions for the Polycrylic state the floor can have light use after 3 hours.

This is the finished floor. I am so happy with it and so far so good with the durability, I did it about two months ago and it is holding strong.


I had no problem with giving every step of this process time to cure and dry for an extended time as we had another bathroom to use during the project. If you only have one bathroom I would suggest starting this project on a weekend, early one morning. This would give you time to paint the primer and the first all over coat of paint, it should be dry enough to use by the next morning. Then you could tape, paint your design, and poly all the next day. It would be ready for normal use the following morning.
I don’t foresee any problems with speeding the process up if you needed to.

I haven’t tackled the main bathroom yet as I am still deciding on a pattern. The options are endless. Here are just a few neat painted floors and blogs I found online for a little inspiration.


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